Saturday 04th of June


When Endo meets Resto: Crack Attack & Restoration of the endodonticaly treated tooth.

8h30: Welcome - Breakfast
9h - 10h30: Part I - Crack Attack
10h30 - 11h: Break
11h - 12H30: Part II - Restoration of the endodonticaly treated tooth
12h30 - 13h30: lunch with the speaker

Course in english - no translation

Crack Attack:
The "molar lifecycle" or the "Circle of Death" whereby a small filling can eventually lead to loss of vitality or even extraction of a tooth is well known. Nevertheless, a clear strategy and guidelines on how to prevent this dramatic scenario to develop has not been proposed.
Thorough understanding of the bio-mechanical behavior of teeth, both sound and restored, on a macro- and micro-level will allow us to come forward with effective measures to save teeth and be less agressive in our treatment proposals. A pro-active approach will be proposed, both for vital and non-vital teeth. The importance of early diagnosis, healthy strategy and skillful execution will be evident in this groundbreaking presentation.
Besides useful guidelines and clinical tips there will also be the introduction of new concepts that will help lengthen the lifespan of not only our restorations but also the teeth we restore.

Restoration of the endodonticaly treated tooth:
This presentation will guide us in the decision making process of restoring endodontically treated teeth. What are the actual guidelines and clinical realities that drive us to an old school prosthetic approach or to a more conservative adhesive approach? What are the clinical realities we have to face and how do we communicate with the patient about outcome ? How is the presented treatment plan for an endodontically treated tooth allowing for plan B if there is failure ?
Can we influence the mode of failure ? What are the actual goals of our treatment and how do we weet the patients criteria ?


Stephane Browet, DDS

Bio-Emulation Member


The Hotel

Boulevard de Waterloo 38
1000 Brussels

Accreditation asked : Domain 4

Fee: 210€ - Student: 105€

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